Die Kraft der Musik – und der Bilder | Oktober 2022

The power of music – and images | October 2022

Dear friends of music and painting,

The Munich Künstlerhaus on Lenbachplatz has been an institution with an eventful history in Munich for more than 150 years and it doesn't really need any further introduction. Anyone who knows Munich, lives there or has ever been to Munich has probably paid a visit to the Künstlerhaus, visited one of the many exhibitions here or was able to enjoy one of the many wonderful concerts with well-known artists from all over the world.

Another highlight - from a series of classical concerts - starts on November 15, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. in the beautiful ballroom of the Künstlerhaus .

The four-part series "The Power of Music" was brought to life by the two experienced directors of the house, Birgit Gottschalk and Jennifer Ruhland.

The pianist, podcaster, Schuhmann ambassador and lecturer Markus Kreul explores the phenomenon of music with prominent artists and music lovers and presents very personal live music.

Especially for this series of lectures, the directors of the Künstlerhaus commissioned Klaus Soppe to design three large brochures that visualize the topic “The Power of Music”.

"My goal was to fulfill the wish of the management of the Künstlerhaus to interpret the theme in such a way that it fits into the architecture of the house and the style of the interior design of the ballroom and underlines the theme of the event without being disturbing or visually loud works.

The artist's house, designed by the architect Gabriel von Seidl in the Neo-Renaissance style, still reflects the sense of style and social ideal of the historicism that was already fading out around 1900.

I placed each of the three paintings in a bezel, the frame of which takes up the formal language of the interior design of the ballroom and interprets it stylistically. The colors of the paintings also take up parts of the wall color and the elements of the stage frame as well as the coffering of the balcony and the walls."


Further information and reviews can be found at:

>NMZ, Neue MusikZeitung


'The Power of Music'

Artist talk, Tuesday, November 15th, 2022, 7:00 p.m., ballroom, Künstlerhaus München, Lenbachplatz 8, 80333 Munich

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Music accompanies us throughout our lives. But what is this energy that connects us like no other bond? With prominent artists and music lovers, pianist Markus Kreul explores the phenomenon of music and presents very personal live music. Look forward to inspiring evenings in a relaxed after-work atmosphere.

For Vesselina Kasarova, singing is the most direct way to reach people; the spellbound silence after the concert means far more to her than thunderous applause.

The mezzo-soprano Vesselina Kasarova owes her world career to her phenomenal voice, her unmistakable charisma - and the deep seriousness with which she questions things. Discovered by the director of the Zurich Opera House in 1989 as the youngest young singer at the Sofia Opera House, the then 24-year-old mezzo-soprano was immediately hired for his top-class ensemble. Her journey then took her to all the major opera houses and concert halls in the world. This year Vesselina Kasarova celebrates her 35th stage anniversary.

The Bulgarian-born artist talks to pianist Markus Kreul about her life on and off stage, about the happiness and deprivations that come with her job. Kasarova and Kreul make the sound and soul of their homeland audible and tangible in selected Bulgarian folk songs.

After the official program, we will serve you a snack around 8:00 p.m.

Your host

Markus Kreul: pianist, podcaster, Schumann ambassador and lecturer.

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