Presse MERKUR: ‘Auszüge aus Skizzenbüchern’ – Wolfratshausen

Press MERKUR: 'Excerpts from sketchbooks' - Wolfratshausen

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Excerpts from sketchbooks

Klaus Soppe from Berg exhibits in the district court

Wolfratshausen – “Drawing is the basis of all artistic design,” says the artist Klaus Soppe. It is the original cell of painting. Starting from the cave representations of the Stone Age to modern product design. Big words from the artist of his small and fine pencil works, watercolors and landscape motifs in mixed media, which can be seen on the upper floor during the opening hours of the Wolfratshausen District Court until July 29th.

Soppe is a realistic painter who pays attention to detail and can depict the image photographically accurately with technical skill. “Anyone can learn to draw,” explains the artist. He has been working as a lecturer at the Montessori Technical College for Design since 2011 and teaches his students how to give depth to perspective and use hatching to make material structures visible. For example, the rubber profile of a car tire.

Soppe appreciates painters such as Pablo Picasso, Peter Paul Rubens and Horst Jansen. They were also brilliant draftsmen. the artist honors his role models. Soppe's graphics have a photorealistic fascination. When he travels, he sketches landscape scenes, such as fantastic rock formations or old cobblestone streets. You can step into the pictures as precisely as the artist moves the pencil across the page and leaves out anything that would steal the tension from the picture.

The exhibition in the district court shows excerpts from Soppe's sketchbooks with snapshots from Tuscany, Greece, the Croatian Adriatic coast and the Tölzer Land. The 58-year-old artist lives and works together with the painter Sandra Kolondam Eder in Berg. Both love nature and working with brushes and paint. In their shared studio, they primarily create large-scale pictures up to 180 x 120 cm in high-quality acrylic.

Soppe has its own style. He places structured surfaces in complementary colors between the predominantly realistic depictions of people. This creates light and the highest contrast. His large paintings hang in galleries nationwide. He sometimes exhibits together with his partner S andra Kolondam Eder .

Klaus Soppe was born in Duisburg, grew up in the Eifel and has lived in Munich and later on Lake Starnberg since 1987. He trained as a window designer, poster painter and calligrapher and then attended the Munich Academy of Fine Arts. Today he works as a freelance artist.

© Andrea Weber
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