Pressestimmen ISARKURIER | Gemeinschaftsausstellung 'JOUR FIX' | September 2021

Press reviews ISARKURIER | Joint exhibition 'JOUR FIX' | September 2021

New exhibition in the art tower at Schwankl-Eck
Four artists in the “Bermuda Triangle”
4 artists. 3 places = a long artist friendship: The four artists live
and work in three different places: Wolfratshausen Berg, lcking, - dahe
the name. Daniela Satzinger lives in Wolfratshausen, Sandra Kolodam and her
Mann Klaus Soppe in Berg and Reinhild Stötzel in lcking. The opening took place at the beginning of September and the exhibition runs until October 3rd.

The explosive collages by the artist Daniela Satzinger are in
itself. They not only contain criticism of society, but also convey it
also deep humor. The artist succeeds in doing so
Statements full of tension and compressed into a small format
to banish. Satzinger mostly takes the images for the collages
Press; the papers she uses are colored herself. From this'
material, she develops a wealth of content-related aspects, which she explains precisely,
artistically implemented very freely and with great clarity.
The four artists Sandra Kolodam, Daniela Satzinger, Reinhild Stötzel
and Klaus Soppe are currently exhibiting their works together in the Kunstturm in Schwankl-Eck. Reinhild Stötzel's abstract paintings are dominated by color gradients, an area of ​​constructive painting that Stötzel has repeatedly explored since her studies at the Munich Art Academy
phases. Her May techniques are primarily oil and watercolor. Your goal
are experimental image series. In this type of constructive painting, it is important to find suitable formal arrangements: varied color combinations with a similar basic grid, executed in series. Many interesting phenomena can be discovered in the area of ​​tension between color effect and color perception. Sandra Kolondam works realistically, surrealistically and sometimes abstractly, but never completely takes her away from our world. She works mainly with oil paints. Kolondam studied painting and has various exhibitions at home and abroad and is a member of the Munich Künstlerhaus Association at Lenbachplatz in Munich.
The work of the draftsman, graphic artist and painter Klaus Soppe is clearly characterized by the desire and almost unbridled joy of discovering and experimenting. This also explains the rapid development from high-contrast, hyper-realistic, classical-figurative painting to free combinations and play with complementary colors, in front of which, depending on the implementation, some motifs almost disappear or come to the foreground.
The exhibition in the art tower at Schwankl-Eck, Obermarkt 33 can be viewed until October 3rd, Saturdays from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. and Sundays from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m.

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